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13-year-old Christian girl’s conversion and forced marriage in Pakistan


Minorities in Pakistan are protesting for the conversion and marriage of underage girls. In that year alone, more than 20 young Christian girls converted to Islam and married an adult Muslim man.

A recent news on social media caused a stir in Pakistan when a 13-year-old girl Aarzoo Raja was converted to Islam and married off with a 44 years old male Syed Azhar Ali. According to the section 375 of the law of Pakistan, a 14-years girl is prohibited from sex acts even if consent was acquired.

Following the disappearance of the 13-year-old girl, her parents have filed a petition with the District South Judicial Magistrate, asking the court to direct the police to recover the girl and produce her in court. They also want her to be put into the custody of a child protection institute because they fear she is currently being subjected to sexual violence. The Judicial Magistrate rejected the petition.

Arezoo’s parents say that she is 13 years old and to prove it she has NADRA birth certificate, NADRA registration and baptism certificate.

According to NADRA, she was born on July 31, 2007. whereas her abductor claimed she was 18 years old and had converted to Islam to marry her. He is 44 years old.

An FIR was lodged by Arzoo’s father Raja Masih on October 13 after she was abducted from his house. Police later found out that she was married to Syed Ali Azhar, who had presented Nikkhanhama (marriage contract ), an independent affidavit and a certificate of Islam.

Her parents have also filed an application under Sindh Child Marriage Regulatory Rules, Rules 5, 8, 9 and 10 of 2016, Section 6 of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2013 and Code 100 of the Code of Conduct.

After the FIR Aarzoo Raja filed a protection petition in the High Court of Sindh , though her parents say she were forced to file a petition in the Sindh High Court on October 27.

The court restrained the police from making arrests in the case but did not stop the police from continuing the investigation.

Due to public pressure, the Sindh High Court sent the 13-year-old girl to a shelter home and ordered the police to arrest the kidnapper. In addition, the court had constituted a five-member board to determine the age of Arzoo Raja.

The court also found the birth certificate valid and said it appeared to be a case of child marriage.

Forced conversions of girls and women from minority backgrounds and forced marriages have caused serious concern in Pakistan. An estimated 1,000 – mostly Hindu and Christian girls are abducted, forcibly converted, and forcibly married each year.


Slaughter of Christians in Nigeria and world is silent


The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety) human rights group has said the murder of Christians in Nigeria has reached “genocidal” levels, Christian Today reports. According to Intersociety, more than 1,200 Nigerian Christians were murdered by Muslim Fulani and Islamist militants in the first half of 2020 alone.

The Intersociety report says 390 of the killings were carried out by groups linked to ISIS like Boko Haram and the Islamic State West Africa Province. Meanwhile, around 812 murders are understood to have been carried out by Fulani herdsmen who have consistently attacked Christian farming communities.

“Thousands of defenceless Christians who survived being hacked to death have also been injured and left in mutilated conditions with several of them crippled for life,” the report said. “Hundreds of Christian worship and learning centres have been destroyed or burnt; likewise thousands of dwelling houses, farmlands and other properties belonging to Christians.”

Attesting that Christians, specifically, are being targeted by Fulani herdsmen, Intersociety said in its report: “All the areas under Jihadist Herdsmen attacks are Christian communities, as to date. There are no pieces of evidence anywhere showing killing of Muslims and taking over of their lands, farmlands and houses or destruction or burning of Mosques by the Jihadist Herdsmen.” Moreover, the report said, the number of women and girls being abducted is growing rapidly. According to Intersociety, these women hardly ever escape and some are forced into Islamist marriages while others are abused as sex slaves.

Ayo Adedoyin, the Chief Executive of PSJ UK, an organization campaigning to end the persecution of Christians and other minorities in Nigeria, has formally asked the UK Government to help those persecuted in Nigeria – like it helped and supported the Rohingya Muslims in Burma.


Christian Girl, Abducted and convert


On 3rd June 2020, another Pakistani Christian girl, Mehwish, was abducted while going to the factory where she used to work.

In the morning, around 7:30 AM, three local Men abducted her from youhanabd, Lahore Pakistan. However, immediately, her mother filed a complaint in the local police station for the recovery of her daughter. Police seem reluctant to take any legal action against the culprits. Moreover, police become helpless when Christian groups intervened, police registered an FIR against the Culprits but refused to make any arrest.

Almost every day in Pakistan, minority girls are abducted and later forced to convert to Islam. The government of Pakistan and its law and enforcement institutions are completely failed to recover and return the Girls to their families.

Similarly, In this case, within a few hours of the abduction of Mehwish, police informed her Mother Shahnaz Bibi that their daughter has converted to Islam and now has married to a Muslim man.

We have noticed while working in cases like this, such girls were normally never been a return to their families. Unless luckily, they were escaped or Rescued by organizations like us. Abducting and forced conversion of underage girls in Pakistan has become an everyday incident.

Though there are several verdicts from the High courts in Pakistan, declaring 18 years as the legal age for marriage, but it has no effect on Pakistani society.

Pakistani Government is completely failed to provide security to the minority groups. We, therefore, request the international community to raise your voice for these Persecuted and oppressed Christians.

A Christian family was shot for buying a house in a Muslim Neighborhood


A Christian family was shot after buying a house in a Muslim neighborhood in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Pakistan, who is listed in the U. S. State Department as a “country of particular concern” that tolerates or engages in violations of religious freedom.

Pakistani Christian Man, Nadeem Joseph, bought a house in the Muslim neighborhood in Peshawar in May 2020. Once, one of the neighbors Mohammad Salman Khan found that Nadeem is a Christian, he approached him to leave the Colony, Immediately. Furtherly Salman khan added, “as Christian and Jews are the enemies of Islam, therefore, they are not entitled to live amongst the us”.

According to Erum, the niece of Nadeem Joseph, “My uncle and his family were harassed and threatened with the dare consequences if they would not leave the colony”. She furtherly added that they were given 24 hours to leave their house otherwise ready for the consequences.

The same day on the 4th of June 2020, they approached Nadeem and family once again and once Nadeem tried to call the Police for help, Salman Khan’s Sons opened fire with AK 47.

Nadeem Joseph

The Bullets hit the belly of Nadeem Joseph and after hearing the Gunshots, the family members came out to save Joseph but again the culprits opened fire and wounded his mother in law.

It was so tragic that No neighbor came forward to help the Christian family. Immediately, after that, Joseph and his mother in law were taken to the hospital where they are still under treatment.

The growing violence against the Religious Communities in Pakistan is rising, whereas the Government is making little efforts to create relationships amongst the different communities of Pakistan.

Anti-Christian Violence Spreading In Eastern India


Hindu violence and threats against minority Christians spread in eastern India, a leading advocacy group says.

The Alliance Defending Freedom India Trust (ADF) reported that among those targeted by Hindu extremists in Chhattisgarh state were three Indian Christian families. They could not bury their loved ones without paying a fine, the group said.

Christian persecution continued despite government-imposed lockdowns that authorities said were necessary to halt the coronavirus pandemic. In separate incidents on May 5, 7, and 18, Christian families in Bastar and Dantewada districts had to pay “restitution” to local Hindus.

The Christians were told they had to pay fines because they refused to participate in “the religious rituals of the village.”

Several Christians have been pressured to abandon their faith in Christ and convert to Hinduism, BosNewsLife established.

They were also told by local Hindus that no funeral could be held until the money was paid, according to rights activists. “It is a terrible and unimaginable thing to be denied an opportunity to grieve the loss of a loved one with dignity,” the ADF added. It reported 15 similar cases to police this year in the same districts.


Hindu hardliners and militants have often expressed
opposition to spreading Christianity in the country. (File photo)

Earlier, six incidents of violence against Christians rocked Chhattisgarh in April despite ongoing coronavirus restrictions, rights activities confirmed. In most incidents, Christians were reportedly physically attacked by mobs of some 50 people for declining to participate in religious rituals that violated their faith in Christ.

On April 17, villagers in Mendoli village assaulted a Christian family, including tearing off the clothes of the victim’s wife. They also forcefully performed a “sanctification ritual” on them, according to rights investigators. The mob then demanded a fee of 5,000 Indian rupees ($66) and threatened to kill the family if they informed the police, ADF said.

Three incidents of violence were recorded in neighboring Jharkhand state in April despite the ongoing lockdown there. On April 16, an armed mob attacked a young Christian girl and threatened to kill her if she continued to spread the Gospel. Religious extremists shot the girl’s father in 2015 for being involved in missionary work, Christians explained.

ADF lawyers said all nine anti-Christian incidents reported in April involved violence against women. “This trend suggests that women are increasingly vulnerable to violence during the lockdown,” they added.

All nine incidents were reported to police, but only two were officially recorded as a crime in a First Information Report (FIR). That FIR is needed to launch a criminal investigation.

India’s central government and local authorities are under pressure to improve the protection of the country’s devoted Christians and churches. Christians comprise just over two percent of this Hindu nation’s population of over 1.3 billion, according to official estimates.

Source : (BosNewsLife)

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